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Challenge, Contest, Workshop This forum is dedicated to Contests and workshops to challenge your skills and get a chance to compare your work with others within the same theme.

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Default 08-01-2012, 12:54 PM

AWESOME challenge... looking forward to seeing all your works... this should be fun!

I will be at the sidelines cheering you guys on!!! WHOOHOOO!

Thanks MPC!

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MPC Digital Matte Painting Challenge
somu03 is Offline
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Default MPC Digital Matte Painting Challenge - 08-01-2012, 10:06 PM

I,m really like this Challenge. I,m in.
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tripathychirag is Offline
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Default 08-02-2012, 12:29 AM

Good Concept..
definitely looking forward to it.

One doubt..
Can we added elements like lightning glow inside clouds??

Last edited by tripathychirag; 08-02-2012 at 01:24 AM..
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netocg is Offline
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Default 08-02-2012, 07:43 AM

I have just one more question:
When you say "digital matte painting that represents the thick cloud layers of
an alien planet carved by whirlpools of wind." I can't stop to think about what kind of terrain the planet is compost.
And as we can see in the concept there's no indication of that.
So my question is:
Should us show some terrain in the matte painting or even an indication of it?
Or basically what the matte painting only shows are the clouds in the sky "space atmosphere"?
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MedFaska's Avatar
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Default 08-02-2012, 09:24 AM

cool challenge, i´ll be in too, good luck for everyone :)
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JGoodliff is Offline
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Default 08-02-2012, 09:37 AM

great challenge, best of luck to everyone :)
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Default 08-02-2012, 05:01 PM

Can we added elements like lightning glow inside clouds??
It's not indicated in any significant way in the concept, so it's up to you. Keep it subtle, and make sure it looks realistic. It's possible that some internal lighting on the clouds will help the composition, and make some of the cloud shapes 'read' better. It could also give you a lot of problems, so use your own judgment as to whether it's warranted or not.

Should us show some terrain in the matte painting or even an indication of it?
Again, the concept could be read either way, so it's up to you. Don't make a big feature of it if you decide to add it - if we see it at all, it will be very hazy and very subtle.

Hope that helps - answers are a bit nebulous, but the brief is pretty rigid already, and I don't want to lock it down any more.


Head of 3D Digital Matte Painting: MPC Vancouver
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Kaioshen is Offline
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Default 08-02-2012, 05:14 PM

Awesome challenge, should be a lot of fun.
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Default 08-03-2012, 09:24 AM

This looks very interresting. I'm In :)
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Alien Cloudscape – Chandrasekar
adornanimation is Offline
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Default Alien Cloudscape – Chandrasekar - 08-05-2012, 09:00 AM

This is the First Contest am Entering... :)
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