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Default Free software - 10-10-2007, 12:03 PM

Read in several threads that some people are looking for free or cheap software... so I figured why the heck not start a free software thread... Please post links to free software that you use to do anything related to matte painting...

Guess I'll start with some obvious ones:
Blender -
Gimp -
Wings 3d -
Project Dogwaffle

trueSpace 3- - not sure if that link still works? If it does, download it and sign up for the emails... caligari sends out tons of promo discounts to ts3 users... so if you basically download ts3 and wait a few months you might find a deal for the latest version in email at up to 50% discounted or more using the email links they send.. I don't use ts much anymore... I used to up til version 5, but then moved on to lightwave... if you are still new to 3d, ts isn't really that bad of a software, but hopefully it's not as buggy as it used to be... don't know if ts 6 or higher versions are buggy or not... caligari is the weirdest company when it comes to upgrades. They are the only company I know that actually will keep selling older version of software for cheaper than you can get new... and I think they still support the older versions... You won't get that with maya, max, or any other 3d software...

Not really one app per se but still very useful since there's tons of free stuff -

raster graphics comparison list

Vector Graphic Comparison List

3d modelling software list

I wish they had a 3d Comparison list on wikipedia like they do for raster and vector... if they do, can someone post a link to it?

I know 3d game engines aren't really what you use for matte paintings, but the technology is similar, and some people do do illustrations for game cover art and stuff - so it's illustration related, sort of...

3d game engine list used to be at 3d buzz... not sure if this link still works since I can't check it at work due to proxy...
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