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Don't do a meteor, do what rockhoppermedia suggested, it's a lot more typical of a production I think (not to mention kinda cool!)

Here are some notes I would typically see MP getting:
  • Cover lower SL area with trees
  • vfx sup want's some motion in the sky.
  • A bird or two.
  • dirty up the FG white buildings *slightly* (to contrast the clean towers)
  • replace all advertisements ("request from the studio")

(I made those up, but it's not atypical from the notes I see)


Originally Posted by rockhoppermedia View Post
why a meteor, challenge, you are to paint in two more of the high rise showing stages of construction,

1 building framework small

2 building half the size and some of the components,

these will need building sites, cranes and all manner of vehicles.

The shot will show the building building stages, to be honest meteor is so cliche be different.
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