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Hi Antonio. In general it is looking good. I would agree with Jadrien about the shadow under the tree. Here are a few other suggestions that I think would help tighten this up.
First, the second set of rolling hills (the part with the single tree and the farm grading on it) looks like it is a different kind of grass then the rest.
Also I would check your Hue's and saturation. The green hues of the grass starting with the 3rd set of hills back ( just above the house ) changes to a blueish green and does not match the greens of the foreground yellowish greens. You also may want to check the shadows (black levels) The blacks are darker in the distance back by the lake and that third hill than the shadow under the foreground tree.
Another thing would be to take a look at your water. The water in the small lake is a different color then the water in the other larger lake. In a real environment the water would be the same color.
One last thing. There is an odd line at the base of the foreground tree. Behind the tree is a different kind of terrain then everything else. It has more dirt and rock and browns. I think the line is there because of this sudden color change. That terrain you have back there to the right behind the tree seems out of place.
So I guess to summarize, I would say to watch your color, black levels and integration.
Hope that helps.

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