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Im alive!
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Default Im alive! - 11-15-2012, 06:12 PM

Hi all just to let you know that I have not posted in a long while, and I got a message on my email the other day to see if I was still alive. Went to the Dr and he and I agree that I am alive.

Not posted or done any mattes on here for ages, reason I am working pro bono on a film from the eighties, 75 effects shots have suddenly gone to nearly two hundred. So I have been a bit busy. Also working for a large UK corporation producing corporate training videos has taken a long time.

Also I am very mindful of the fact that every Christmas I do a Christmas Matte Painting. I need to seriously put together a working plate.

I like victorian snow scenes, so if anyone has a spare plate that can be turned into a Victorian Era Christmas Card give us a bell. I am being a bit lazy but I like to work hi res at around 8k so will probably use a Pano. Hopefully will be able to get it finished and posted up here for all to see.

Dont be a stranger,


Last Years Effort,

Cheers Rich

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