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I’m Creating a Gnomon Training DVD and
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Default I’m Creating a Gnomon Training DVD and - 10-11-2012, 01:03 AM

I want to let people know I am creating a Gnomon Training DVD on “Environment Matte Painting”. This Training DVD will demo some of the latest advanced Matte Painting techniques for the purpose of Matte Painting whole environments for feature film.

I think Gnomon has done a great job in featuring some great artists, helping bring the mysteries of Matte Painting out in the light. Like my buddy Chris Stoski who’s Gnomon DVDs are still the best available on Matte Painting. I wanted to add to the Gnomon cannon with the newest tools Matte Painters are using such as Nuke, Mari and others.

Matte Painting for

My goal is to make this often misunderstood process of Matte Painting part of common knowledge and seen as an even wider solution for CG environments in feature film. I have started a new site called to educate Production Companies, VFX Houses and Film Professionals on how film productions can benefit from the speed, efficiency and cost saving that a time proven Matte Painting Methodology can offer. The site is in a soft release now and I will start posting videos the closer to the time of the Gnomon DVD release in early 2013.

Come by to sign up to to get notified when the videos are posted.

The DVD and the Website are both part of my campaign to further the understanding, use and appreciation of this artistic and technical marvel that is Matte Painting.

Garrett Fry
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