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Default 09-24-2012, 09:05 AM

Congratulations! I must admit the winner surprised me. I certainly noticed the entry from Jadrien and his talent but I did not expect this one will make it to the top. The commentary from Alex is very valuable here and helped definitely to understand the reasons behind that being the winning work. I am very glad I have also received some criticism - thanks.
I thought that the entry from Tuomas was very important in this competition - some other contestants came very close to his style and the lighting he sketched out very early in the competition. I am glad to see that the judges picked those up.
We all felt also that Bryan will be among first 3 with his,little painterly, but strong image. My only personal criticism here would be the lighting difference between top sections of the clouds of the left and right hand side not being consistent.

The most interesting side of this competition for me was the fact that we all took part in creation of very similar painting which resulted in so many very different images.

Till the next one!


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