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Final Submission
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Default Final Submission - 09-03-2012, 07:04 AM

After countless hours I finally reached a point where I can't take this any further. I made a list of improvements and tried to troubleshoot my painting. There was around 10 elements which I worked on. They included:

1. Improve foreground clouds of the rings above the cumulonimbus formations
2. Add cirrus clouds on the upper levels as indicated in the concept
3. Improve air flow impression ( add another layer of lower consistency clouds )
4. Emphasise more natural look, storm air spinning feel
5. Add color variety throughout , try varies hues and add to the horizon line color diversity
6. Reduce larger highlights areas

I tried to follow the concept art as close as possible and introduced my ideas where there was some space left for creativity. The greatest thing about this painting is that we can dictate our own lighting in a way- decide whether it
is a dimmed or very bright star illuminating the whole scene. I went for fairly bright light that would create intensive hot spots. In the same time there would be no skylight here which gives opportunity to create dramatic feel overall.

This was a very difficult painting to produce as many of us here mentioned already and I am happy I pushed myself to do it. The lessons learnt here will definitely pay off in the future.

Once again - good luck all and thanks for the opportunity.
ps. 4k resolution coming up later on this week ( still trying to push it one last time )


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