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Thank you very much Alex.
Yes you answered everything, now it's clear.

Originally Posted by Alex Jenyon View Post
Yes - you should include all the clouds indicated in the concept art in your painting.

In a shot like this, the clouds are at such a large scale that we wouldn't really expect any significant movement, and it's perfectly reasonable to create them as a static DMP (The brief is designed to be as realistic as possible, so this is something we have done on a real project).

No - the challenge is to follow the concept art as closely as possible, while creating a photo-real image. We don't want this turning into a concept design challenge too - it's hard enough already!

Depends what you mean.

DO add subtle photographic elements (as indicated in the concept) - atmospheric glow, haze, light wrap etc. as required.

DON'T add rubbish instagram effects, grain, vignetting, chromatic aberration or cheesy lens flares.

Does that answer your question, or have I misunderstood what you were asking?

I'll check what's going on tomorrow - I'm seeing the same thing. Thanks for flagging it up.

Look forward to seeing everyone's entries

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