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Love the concept idea, but the horizon line of the central pillar doesn't work in the down part (the yellow three stories building) because of the pathways. Are they stairs or horizontal pathways ? Try connect it to the last floor instead of the middle one, maybe it'll fix it. If we're able to see under your bridge in the back, we should also be able to see under the buildings that lays on the sides of the main pillar.

For your lighting, your building in the central pillar should be back lit the same way the back pillar on the right. The buildings on the left should be in the dark with a rim of light on the edge. You had a side lighting and a back lighting in the same image and it shouldn't be. The sun is a directional light that affect the environment lighting in the same way everywhere.

Also, a good trick to match photos with different color ranges is to try to match your blacks and your whites first. Put a layer of Hue on top of your photoshop file and take out all the saturation to have a white and black image. With curves or levels, try to match the black and white levels of your photo textures so that it blends seemingly with your plate. Always trust your plate for your z-depth. Take off your hue layer at the end. You'll see that it gives incredible results.

Good luck, the path to insane matte painting skills is a long but gratifying one! I really like your concept.

Charlotte Jolicoeur
Matte painter enthusiast

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