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Crazy client
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Default Crazy client - 07-22-2012, 06:38 PM

Hi guys (and gals),
I haven't been writing much but I've been reading the forum for many years.
I had a question concerning the time professional matte painters usually spend on a shot. I got recently my first gig on a very cool project but the deadline is crazy even if the pay is good. My client wants a city shot and a street shot in 3 weeks times, and he knows I'm doing another contract part-time, I think he hired me because he was a bit desesperate.

As I lack experience working for a client that is very picky about what he want, I miscalculated the time it would take me to do the shots. They keep asking me for changes that delays the project, and now start to panick about the deadline.

How much time would you take to do a city shot with a hundred scifi buildings in the sunset? I evaluated I would take about 40-45 hours for an "okay" result. Is it realistic ? Is it in the professional standards? The client was expecting me to do it in a bit less then that. Am I the wrong or is he?

This project is making me learn the ropes and what can or can't be done, but I lack the confidence of saying he's the one having surreal expectations or is it me that's too slow.

Oh yeah, and he wants a foreground shot with huge buildings and intricate details in 4 days. He's working for some big company. I thought he was professional, now I'm killing myself to make the shots work in less then 3 weeks. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy in the first place to accept such contract in the end. :(
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