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Default ac 130 - 06-06-2012, 10:04 AM

Yeah i started to work on the interior, its a loooot of crazy stuffs inside, incredibles details, cables everywhere, buttons, rivets in every corner, tubes, and the gigantics canons and gattling systems, also i have to work in two times, i work firts in the back of the airplane where i have to put the machine guns, is the most difficult to do, and after the middle where all the syste for firing is, and finally conect all that+ all the details ont the roog, and sides....
I dont know if im going to do all that, but... it cost nothing , just a lot of time and patience.

Also i hope to have a respond rom the project...for the moment its the big silence...

Here its an exemple of details in the left side (firing control system)

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