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Unnamed Citadel
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Default Unnamed Citadel - 04-09-2012, 04:30 PM

Hi Guys!

I haven't done a matte since the work in my short movie "The Hunt", so I decided to go at it. I have began to feel the need to work with my own plates and textures, so I will try to use only material I have shot myself.

Also I have began to "think" of a matte in movement, therefore this will have animation but I think the camera will be fixed, or maybe have a small push in.

All I did so far was to create a 3D model from a quick sketch and now I am texturing the render. Correct integration will come later.

The intention will be to add water movement in the river, a foreground tree, birds flying around the tallest tower, smoke from chimneys from inside, and probably rain.

Critics and comments are very welcome!

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