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Few clarifications!
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Default Few clarifications! - 02-14-2012, 06:49 AM

Originally Posted by karliashi View Post
The course itsself looks great, but to myself personally, it looks scammish, tell you why, the email address.. really... It's an immediate redflag for me, a gmail account as a business address is bad news. There is not enough information available. If you link to Meduzarts, why are they not linking back to you? Just a few concerns.. 500us is a lot of money to just drop on an online course that doesn't tell us much. And who are you suppose to be? the sales guy?
Hi Karliashi,

Well, thanks for all the critiques; I am very thankful to you for them! First off all, this is the first time someone has told me that, I am a scammer! The e-mail account got hacked and so, I could not further continue with it and had to use my personal gmail account, which I use in every online transactions! And, as far as Jessy is concerned, he is associated with the course but, he needs a minimum number of students in order to commence the course; I just got the interest of a very few number of students, so the course is on hold! Anybody can double-check with Jessy, whether he is interested in delivering the lectures or not! And I can tell you this, the entire course contents is listed on the website :
I guess, it's enough information for a student to join in a course.

Thanks a-lot, gfilmman for the support! Take care!


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