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Old School Master/Apprentice compendium
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Default Old School Master/Apprentice compendium - 11-22-2011, 12:23 AM

The old master and apprentice craft of matte painting is dissolving. Today most of us can declare ourselves a matte painter, and get a job. many of the people I admire in the business did this on glass, and learned from Whitlock and Ellenshaw. Those two artists are dead, and others of their generation are getting on in years.

Would that their apprentices speak up.

How do you create a held take shot? What about YCM painting or color separations in rear projection? How did they move on paintings before digital? Matte Scan? There were systems before that which did so.

Composition? Color balance? Best practices.

If such a compendium of knowledge existed, what is that worth to the matte-pasters of today?

What would knowledge of painting from Matisse been worth if he wrote it down? This is essentially where we are now.

Please, sound-off on this.


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