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Advice/Tips required for my project..
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Default Advice/Tips required for my project.. - 09-30-2011, 04:15 PM

I was wondering if some of you can give me suggestions on my first matte painting attempt.

Basically, I have to create a 5meter (16 feet) x 0.7meter (2.5 feet) matte painting. I don't know if I should even call it matte painting :D Its more of a landscape image that will be hung in a room like a painting.

So far I've collected images and tried to combine elements, and would like to do some 3D modelling and combine it in the painting.

My dilema is that it is impossible for me to work in one perspective guideline for the entire image because of its size. I have instead broken down the painting to a left, center and right side, each with its own perspective guidelines as required.

I was wondering how do I go about setting up a camera on a 3D program like Maya (or Max) so I can model and place objects in the correct perspective. Since this painting won't be used for a video, the camera will be static.

I'm confused as to if I have to just go ahead with modelling and adjust it so it looks correct on the camera against my painted background? i assume doing this will give me wierd geometry.

I hope I haven't confused you all too much :D

appreciate the help.

I've attached an image of my rough painting... more of a collage right now.. the white lines are rough ins of where I plan to place 3D geometry.

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