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Environment Artist @ MPC London
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Default Environment Artist @ MPC London - 08-26-2011, 04:05 AM


Position Summary:

The Senior Environment Technical Directors are responsible for designing and constructing Environment scenes that match the photographic quality of the plates they are dealing with.

They must have a proactive approach and a broad technical and artistic knowledge that allows them to manage and develop a shot from an early stage to the final renders understanding and supporting the Digital Matte Painters and the Compositors that they might work with.

Although their main duties are related with the technical set-up of the shots, they have to be able to proficiently use Photoshop in order to manipulate the provided plates and photo references, creating the final images that need to be projected onto the geometry.

The Senior Environment Technical Directors work under the guidance and direction of the project Lead, Head of Department and the show Supervisors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Identify the best approach for the given task in terms of:

Aesthetic quality that matches the plate

Flexibility with a set up that can be easily changed/modified based on supervisors feedback

Efficiency at set up time and render time

Usability by other TDs, especially Junior Environment TDs

Construct and release Environment scenes based on the approaches agreed with the lead Environment TD.

Create and Render Environments. This could be any of the following:

UV/camera projection set up

modelling, lighting and shadin

Check and release the renders, or the Nuke scripts for the comp department to gather.

Regularly release dailies so that progress on a shot can be assessed.

Attend dailies sessions and obtain feedback from supervisors.

Report any day-to-day problems or concerns to the lead Environment TD on the show and any software issues to the appropriate support team.

Work with the Environment HOD to improve the feature set and stability of our tool set.

Improve his or her knowledge and understanding of MPC's Environment tool set and pipeline.

Act as a mentor to Junior and Mid-Level Environment TDs in the department, aiding them in developing their creative and technical abilities and knowledge.

Adequately document Environment practical methods, and ensure that documentation is available centrally for use by the Environment Department as a whole.

Experience, Skills and Abilities Required at Minimum:

A Senior Environment TD should have at least five years experience in Generalist/Environment work, either in commercials, TV or features

Basic understanding of Renderman compliant renders and LINUX

Autodesk Maya: Basic knowledge of hard surface modelling and general software interface, with a deep understanding of UV texturing and camera mapping techniques

proficiency with Adobe Photoshop

Good knowledge of The Foundry Nuke (or any other node based compositing software)

Excellent understanding and ability to manage composition, colour and lighting

Capacity to work collaboratively with other Technical Directors, Matte Painters and Compositors

Excellent learning and communication skills

Strong organizational skills with the ability to handle complex projects within a fast paced, dynamic, deadline driven environment, according to leads and supervisors expectations

Creative problem solving

Proactive and open to comments and critics approach

Mel or Python scripting is a plus

if you are interested in this position, please apply online at:
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