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Default 01-28-2011, 10:31 AM

Apologies for the belated reply been away on assignment and hand zero time for emails and suchlike.

As a painting it is successful, colours design and process awesome it is as I wanted it, as a matte painting it has failed.

I am big enough and ugly enough to accept that it is not working, and I am going to take it on the chin.

Thomas Edison said that for the design of the light bulb he went through a thousand materials to find the right element. Some one commented that he had failed a thousand times. His reply was that he actually found a thousand items that didnt work to find the one item that worked.

In this matte painting, I found a process that worked, learnt new and interesting ideas and techniques, proved that I can paint. However I failed the shot design, will I do it again... no. I am here to learn,

You guys commenting reinforces a learning process and for that I am entirely grateful.

I too now would like critiques on this thread, I saw a Matthew Yuirich painting on logans run, the perspective was off and the colour and detail let it down. Even pros get it wrong.

Id suggest that a flamer on this thread is removed instantly is the only suggestion.

Halen I am currently working on my new matte as we speak. I am looking forward to sharing.


Cheers Rich

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