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TP matte sketch 100
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Default TP matte sketch 100 - 08-18-2010, 02:56 AM

still kinda new at this..started some sketches,..told myself to start at 100 and then countdown... see how fast I can knock them out :)



learned a lot on this one,..not a fav but only at #98 and improving is the goal right :)

basic but fun :)

#96 and a quick concept for class

#95..also for a class concept...

# 94 This one again is for school...Part of my thesis concept about a character making his way threw a cold Dec. night ? hint hint!!

another one for my thesis...maybe an exit of the Mr. K

Concept for my thesis too...

I know been awhile but been busy with school and that weird life stuff :)

Another random sketch.. this was for the VCP Challenge...

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