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Default 04-18-2010, 12:36 PM

This is progress so far, lots of headaches with this, but must crack on, this is a screengrab at the moment I was at. Its not pretty but WIP is never good to look at.

The reflection is painted by blocking in, Alex came up this a good point about the interior of the new area reflecting. That was an exercise in lateral thing however Alex you are right and it works. I started sketching in where the ivy was. Lots of overpainting to do on this,

Helicopter and area behind, must colour correct
Reflection of bikes.
Lightwrap to do as the shadows on the original plate suggest strong rim lighting
Light bounce from the water
Architectural details
Windows and curtains
Install a satellite dish area in the mid point (it is adrug dealers house think Romancing the stone)
Some more tropical plants
Faux bell towers
possibly have a mountain in the BG
tidy up
hedge and wall
water lilies
roof tiles need breaking up
introduce aging and texture
fairy lights in the patio area, patio heater table and brolly
security lighting placed aroud the site.
wind sock on building.
finally a chandelier in the bike shed.

Lots of work to do

Cheers Rich

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