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Default 04-17-2010, 09:37 AM

yea your right, I have massive perspective issues all the time. I am reading a really good book by Metzger about perspective. I was so tempted to go to sketchup and do a model in there. However I need to get it sorted so I can draw on the fly. What I will do though is try and get it right on canvas and then do a sketchup comparison.

I am only blocking in the forms at the moment and that floor is bothering me somewhat. Since reading your post I am trying to find out where I am going wrong I have done a couple of sketches and I think if the EL/horizon is high the floor rakes back. Keep rereading the same chapter but its not doing it for me. BREAK.....

Just got back from a run, I always go for a run when stuck on something. I have also noticed some distortion in the original plate a little bit of keystoning. Being brave I am showing all my steps, plus however hard it gets I am enjoying it.

many thanks for the input Alex, I really value your hints tips and honest assessment of my mess. With your help this is going to be right. Plus I am not doing a camera map nor am I animating it. Baby steps first.

Cheers Rich

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