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Villa WIP and BTS development
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Default Villa WIP and BTS development - 04-17-2010, 07:38 AM

This is current WIP on a photo kindly supplied by PLSultra from Mattepainting org. I have enlarged the viewing area to widescreen format. The extension area is to increase the scale of the villa and make it look more dominating. This is where the main drug dealer lives and needs a house that his bolivian dancing powder that shows his wealth and status. I was considering changing the pond into a swimming pool. I dont know how to go with this.

On the main plate I have to stick with the tones and colour management the director has supplied plus there is massive lens distortion. A common mistake for aspiring matte painters is to correct this. This is not the matte painters job, it is the job of the compositor. So leave it alone. Matte painters in the past with oils and glass have sometimes had to paint in incorrect tones and colours. If you check out the BTS on Bladerunner the matte painter had to do this for the shot to work.

Work as much as possible with the original plate. The area that I cannot touch is the atrium on the right hand side. As that is where the actors are working. Anything out of the area is fair game.

Another big tip is to look at production photographs of the shots, because you do not want to add anything that you have to duplicate in subsequent shots.

There is a maxim that you do not cross the shooting/editing line, look at the script and see if a over the shoulder shot is required, you then have to consider what your painting in because you may have to leave it out due to continuity.

Who thinks this job is easy now, thats before you have even started painting.

look forward to your comments

Cheers Rich

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