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Thyn, thank you my man, btw; you should use avatar, you have on cgtalk-looks better, hehe :)))
yeah, I can say some words, sure..
I went to Tenerife for a longer weekend, to take a references of the volcano and coast lava rocks, cliffs etc. Really amazing place to go for!! And heavy for walk! :) So I took a 100's of good references for that kind of stuff.
I put some of them together and idea has been made :)
after that just paint some shapes over it, to do a concept and just work on it.
I cannot put my ref just like that in high res, coz it cost me my money, time and effort to went there, but you better just google it. Tenerife, Los Gigantes, Maska.
Of course, from google images are almost never the ones you need(angle, light etc.) so better just to go there and take a 100's of high res pics for yourself as you need, as you like :)

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