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Default 04-24-2009, 08:53 AM

To my knowledge the projections in blender have issues with filtering on the projections causing renders to jitter. Even if blender did projections well you would still be running into the problem with no one really taking it serious for production. I started with blender back in 1996 and in 12 years it still hasnt been taken seriously. Blender is great application but it does have limitations that the other more streamlined 3d apps dont have. The reason why is that the other 3d apps were mostly built while in production pipelines before being packaged as apps. Even if they werent they apps guys are willing to design tools that studios want, like Projection Man in C4d, it was heavily developed by Imageworks. Blender after all these years is still trying to be taken seriously and I know should be. I mean elephants dream shows that it is definately capable of great work but its a little late in the game.

If you are seriously looking to getting paid for matte painting then pick up a more "known" application. C4d is the cheapest.

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