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Default 04-23-2009, 10:21 PM

I'm not sure if its accurate, Matt has moved on to learning other 3d apps. Projection is pretty consistant among applications but blender, though a great tool, doesnt hold up to projections as well. If you considering a going for Cinema 4d and you plan on being a pro matte painter then I would say just ignore blender all together. Pick up C4D its pretty cheap (compared to other apps) and in a few matte painting pipelines professionally. I know Sony Pictures Imageworks used Cinema on Beowoulf for matte painting projections and Rhythm and Hues is asking incoming matte painters if they have used it. To date I know of no studio asking that you know blender, its mostly for hobbyist.

If you can learn projection in Maya, 3ds Max, and Cinema4d you pretty much can do it in anything. I can do it in Maya, 3ds Max, and Nuke but I currently am going to learn C4d myself.

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