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Originally Posted by mordecaidesign View Post
pardon my typing... i am holding my daughter while typing.

i have been testing out Blender and Jahshaka lately. Heres a mattepainter's review...(i'll add more later when I can).


- Fast modeler that requires some getting used too. Should not be considered a replacement to another package but rather a tool at the beginning of the pipeline.
- Sculpting is great and actually works better than another $300 pakage.
- compositing for materials works well, compositing images mode is awesome for keying but can't do a 2.5d camera comp because of jitter problems.
-Other compositing software could learn something from the node interface. Blenders node knots are awesome. node groups are very cool.
- it took 2 hors to do something in the blender compositor that takes 6 minutes in Shake.
- uses camera sticky instead of mapping and makes 2.5d shots hard but can produce great results.

only good for conceptualizing because of its lack of resolution independance and compressed image output.
Even on a dual core g5 some things always crash and never work.
- i did a camera move and the result was only ok.
Is this review still accurate 2 years later? Is Blender still not capable of camera mapping? I'm considering learning either Cinema 4D or Blender for 3D matte paintings.
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