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Okay, here's a hi res image from Polar Exress:

It's a reveal of the North Pole "City". The bulk of the work on this shot was split between myself and Josh Geisler, one of the staff matte artists at Imageworks. We also re-used building textures that Josh & I had created along with two other texture artists that were "loaned" to the matte department (the talented Alan Gonzoles and Eric Mcleane).

- The inner square (Christmas tree, compass floor, elves, inner most rowof buildings inlucing the arch) are CG (not us)
- I was in charge of painting the sky & "ice lake"; outer city lights were done by Josh & me
- The rest of the buildings, the "set extension" directly behind the inner CG square were the re-used lo-res buildings + camera mapped textures
(Josh created the foreground building, screen left - also camera mapped)

This next one is a shot from the "Ticket Ride" sequence. I was responsible for shots 1 and 2 (with Eric M. assisting again) which follows the train ticket as it travels (seemingly) everywhere it possibly could - each of these shots were roughly 1000 frames in length. Whew, if you did the math, that's a lot of screen time! [This actually doesn't present well as a still image because the camera is ALL OVER THE PLACE - check back at my site within a few days for the demo movie].

- The painted layers will appear stretched (mountains taller, etc) in comparison to the actual shot because everything gets mapped on to a series of concentric domes & arches
- Notice how I painted much looser away from screen center; this environment goes by so quick that it made no sense to paint any tighter
- The Bridge, foreground mountains, train, and ticket were CG (not me)

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