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Originally Posted by Boof
Hi Thomas,

Great work and website layout is cool. Like everyone else, POE work is top notch....the paltettes are awesome. The Polar Express had some really stunning matte paintings...the art of PE book is great! The link on D & D page still doesn't work (just so ya know). I went to the Academy of Art also, in their MFA program. I think its grown alot in last few years but still has some issues to work out.

Look forward to future postings from ya. Your comments on everyone else's postings was very insightful.

Thanks for the kind words Boof. The D & D link doesn't work on purpose (kind of ...) Not really proud of that work, but they make for great background images for the web (haha). I should just put up a blank pop-up window that reads "coming soon".

I began pursuing an MFA at the Academy a couple years ago, but only got through 1 semester. Ronn Brown (an ex-ILM matte artist) had just taken over the digital program there, and got me excited about upgrading my digital skills. Alas, the Academy is, well . . . the Academy so I never enrolled for the next semester. Hope you gained something from your program!

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