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Originally Posted by bcottman
Hello Thomas
Inspiring bio! the backgounds in Prince of Egypt were a huge inspiration for me. In particular, watching the documentary on the dvd with Paul Lasaine painting plein air in death valley was the moment I decided that this was what I wanted to do. still love Paul's work however I rarely see any. wish he would put a website up as well.
Glad to hear you found my bio inspiring. A funny thing about POE is that I continue to hear accolades about the backgrounds from both artists & non-artsits alike. I guess good work holds up over time.

Oh, and about that POE dvd with Paul painting in Death Valley . . . Did you know why Paul & Ron (the other co-head of backgrounds) went to Death Valley? Because the studio didn't send them on the research trip to Egypt (good thing the heads of story went though ...) On top of that, they had to babysit the rest of us BG painters (all 15 of us at the time)! We actually had a great time out there although we didn't get much painting done - it's hard to mix paint when sandstorms keep kicking up.

Good luck trying to find more of Paul's work; he has a few things on one of the LOTR dvd's, but it's not clearly pointed out. I was lucky to have seen his LOTR portfolio when he had just come back from NZ, so I kinda knew what to look for. You (nor the rest of the world) probably don't know this, but he had a lot to do with the look of LOTR. Unfortunately, for reasons I don't want to go into, this will never be known. LOTR served Paul very well career-wise, though, and his transition into art direction is now fairly complete: He's now a Production Designer!

One more production note: The 1st painting of the North Pole "City" in the Polar section of my site was basically done by Paul (before he accepted his current P.D. title). I sliced his painting up, painted some more over his original, and then camera mapped it onto some simple geometry. I'll be adding descriptions throughout my site, for paintings like that, in the near future. Thanks again for your comments & questions.

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