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Originally Posted by Jensen
I was wondering who painted those mattes in Shrek, and thanks to this forum I can almost personally say, well done!
Thanks Patrick! I feel like I should also point out that I wasn't the only matte artist who had worked on Shrek, although the list of those that did IS a short one: Steve Albert, Tony Halawa, Joe DiCeasre, and myself made up PDI's matte department at the time. Mark Sullivan also painted a few concept paintings that would eventually be turned into finished productions pieces.

Originally Posted by Jensen
Are you freelancing or currently working at Imageworks?
I took a little break after wrapping on Polar, and just began picking up a little freelance stuff a few weeks ago. This laid back, half-time, stuff will probably be ending soon though ("sigh") since I'm contemplating a few big projects right now . . . May return to Imageworks - maybe . . . .

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