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Default 03-02-2005, 07:41 PM

Yeah I finally realized that pursuing the arts as a living is I kinda woke up am saw the light (despite other people's 2cents and my brainwashing of art's as a "hobby"). I can kinda relate to your online bio. It's good to hear success stories like that. Let's see if mine plays out similar. :) Currently a Shake Compositor for broadcast, working my way to matte painter for film.-hopefully. :D

Knowing the web comes in handy in promoting oneself. Alot of artists haven't taken advantage of it.
You can always try Dreamweaver from Macromedia- the best back in the days I was doing it. But it's good to know html raw hand coded too because those apps don't always give you what you expect.
If you need help with your site let me know, i'd be happy to. Maybe you can help me with some critiques of my mattes down the line :)
Still working on getting some done and getting it up online.

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