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Thanks tobiasth, satch, and smooth for your kudos and questions!

Originally Posted by smooth
Wow. Very nice.
Curious...among the ten years you've been painting long have you been using Photoshop for your mattes?
Can you post some high-res photos of your work.
I've been using Photoshop since 1998 (starting with PS 4.0). I give some mention about crossing over to digital painting in my Artist Bio, but here's a little more info for you: Production on The Prince of Epyt was beginning to wind down, and the Artist Development people at Dreamworks started offering PS classes to anyone interested. My fellow BG painters didn't really understand why I was taking these classes (keep in mind that I worked with a very hard-core painting group that would go on outdoor painting trips at lunch & on weekends). After four classes I basically gave up on PS because I still couldn't replicate the things I could do with real paint & brushes.

Fast forward to spring 1998 when I transfered to PDI where I now had to know PS. One of the senior painters on ANTZ, Steve Albert, got me up to speed. My learning curve was steep, but Steve did a great job with me since he knew what was going through my head having already made the transition to digital months ahead of me (Steve also painted traditional BG's on POE).

I'll put up a couple hi res images tomorrow; any specific one you have in mind?

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