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<Da_Elf > Good point and suggestions ! Normal Map shader sounds Great !I just started testing Terragen BETA this week . . . The skies are very impressive, I will be doing a lot of render tests within the next 3 months.

I think there always can be a combination of packages/software you can use, and take the best out of one to get the job done. I use PS, Maya , Painter, Zbrush, and now Terragen and Vue 5 . . . It is always good to experiment with new software, and people will eventually see more and more of these type of next-gen packages joining the market to give many artists the option to come up with new and faster ways to create digital set/environments.

I remember when ZBrush first came out, not many people knew about it, including my self . . . .People were like " No way you can do that . . . " look at it now, most VFX studios are using it, and many 3D modelers . . . . The new version that they are coming up with will allow you to go up to over 10 milion polygons. Who would have thought that you will have digital clay one day for Organic Modeling . . . . I feel the same way with Terragen and Vue like programs that will be seen more and more in the near future in major Hollywood movies . . . .
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