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I will share more work I did in Terragen here, also in my own Art Forum. I am also the BETA tester now for the latest verion of Terragen 2.0 which looks AMAZING, and VERY promising.

Within the next few years a lot of people will be surprised what you can do in 3D as far as realistic Vegetation and Terrain creation, as well as real atmospheres and lighting . . .

I also recently bought VUE 5 by which according to the article on their site is now also being used at ILM Matte Painters/3D artists.

I am doing tests 3D renders with VUE5 right now, which i will share in here soon . . . the results are amazing how convincing these cg renders can look . . .Also remember, these are straight 3D renders with no compositing or any additional render passes or effects. . . . with several render passes, and compositing touch up, the results will surprise people . . .

Again this is just the beginning of it all . . .I am also happy that some of my 3D artist friends are looking into Terragen and Vue like programs, and start creating 3D matte paintings.

I also did a recent Audio IPOD interview talking about 3D matte paintings . . . I will start using these programs for Movie and Commercial projects soon

Hay Alp..this is Jamie,hows things going over there at my old stomping grounds Hydraulx. Saw your post on Terragen and Vu5. Hows that working out? I thought of getting that Vue program. Dont know which would be better. Have any thoughts? I never really looked into it that much. From first glance they both look like Bryce..on sterioides. If that makes any sense. I like that Vue can export to Maya, although you need to buy that 500$ plug -in ..but its seems better for an existing 3d pipeline
Hey Jamie . . . things are really busy here at Hydraulx, we are moving into a new Facility next week, and we hired a lot of new people.As far as Vue 5, I highly recommend it, I bought it last week, and have been working on it non-stop, the results are amazing, especially how fast it is. I will share some of my settings/experiments in here soon.

The Visual FX shots in the movie Stealth are partially done using Terragen . . . a lot of previs shots actually. I was working at Digital Domain back then, where I was sitting next to a guy that was working on the movie using Terragen . .. . amazing stuff . . . I was also sitting with the team of people working on Volumetric Clouds using Whodini at DD. . . we'll be seeing a lot more of this type of 3D matte paintings soon in many movies

<plaf > Glad to share . . . You should go check out what you can do using Vue . . . Combining your 2D skill with these Next-Generation software packages, are soon going to change a few things in VFX

Here is some images to what you can do with this software so far what you can do with this from their website

THE UNKNOWN Gaphic Novel

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