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Re: what exactly matte painting is??
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Default Re: what exactly matte painting is?? - 07-08-2008, 09:15 AM

i dont see anyone addressing the question "what is mattepainting" i guess simply put its the creation of sets for films, tv, print, games, etc, where physically building them isnt possible or cost effective. So its done using various forms of art. it could be as far back as when they used to paint on glass then film the actors through the glass in the parts of the glass that were not painted on, it could be created in 3d, it could be digitally painted, it could be created using photo elements or any other technique you can think of. i like to distingueish between normal painting and mattepainting by giving the painting a purpose other than just being a painting. In a film no matter how great the matte painter did his job im only going to think "ok, dude walking infront of a huge castle" or if the painting is the only thing in the shot like some panoramics on lord of the rings im going to think "nice establishing shot" not "ooooo look at that painting" the mark of a good mattepainter i guess is that we get lost in the magic of the film with the techniques used as just being another tool in making a film.

sorry for the rambling there
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