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Default 04-06-2008, 11:41 PM

I also use overnight prints. Overall good experience with them. 5 small runs and two more upcoming runs that I am going to print with them.

As far as printing goes, I've used the whole gamut of what's out there. Nothing beats finding a friend with a small print business or running it through your own Epson 1280. It allows you to experiment. And press check with a friend allow you to say the kind of things you might need to say when at the end of the day they will still work with you. It can be hard to say to a total stranger "run it again, your Fiery is off and so is your color calibration."

At my last job our print coordinator told me that printers are slowly moving over to only accepting RGB color files instead of CMYK because most printers like the big INDIGO printers (which are actually small in comparison) are better calibrated to output RGB or spot than CMYK. I've heard that from numerous people and it's been my experience when using our 1280 that output via RGB color mode gives better results regardless of wether I started the document in CMYK or not , and whether or not I am using PS, Illustrator, or InDesign. |
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