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Quality printing for digital painting?
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Default Quality printing for digital painting? - 04-06-2008, 12:04 AM

Have you ever ask yourself question “how it will appear when I print it”?
I decided to open this threat so people can share and discuss their methods of printing hard copy of digital painting, what model of printer do you use, or names of photo printing services that does very good prints.

In my experience Kinkos gives me absolutely terrible job, laser printing never works for me, their employee suggested to get instead high definition Ink -Jet printer, so I had to print image for portfolio in local photo printing studio and it was actually just not too bad. I think rather going now and experimenting with Ink Jets, three basics in printing that I use always TIFF, 300dpi, CMYK.

Drop a line, share about your experiences, tell us how you manage to achieve what you think works great, or just ask.

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