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Default 01-08-2008, 03:05 AM

Sure, if you have 3ds and you don't mind it looking a bit computer generated, that's fine.

The easiest way for me to give the brush is to just describe the settings I have on each brush option per tab:

Brush Tip Shape:
-Diameter: 30px (this is set up to default for a 5000px canvas, you can adjust this to your preference, even after this is complete)
-Angle: 30
-Roundness: 80%

Shape Dynamics:
-Size Jitter 25% (Control:Pen Pressure)
-Min Diameter: 0%
-Angle Jitter: 100% (Control off)
-Roundness Jitter: 10% (control off)
-min Roundness: 25%

-Scatter:1000%(Control Off, Both Axes Checked)
-Count: 3
-Count Jitter:0%

Other Dynamics:
Opacity Jitter: 100% (Control Off)
Flow Jitter: 100% (Control Pen Pressure)

Smoothing Checked

These are my settings, and I think they give great results!
Do you use it as 5000px@300dpi? Because on 72 the brushsize is a bit to large so I had to set about 5px to give the stars a feeling ;) Works like a charm, thanks for sharing.
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