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Thor 05-06-2012 11:52 PM

Past deminishes
The back story behind this matte painting is about 500 years after a virus had spread over the entire world, even after the hopes that they could find away to stop it. The human race had to recede underground as the only way of escaping the final protocol, radiating the entire surface of everything that was infected. People, plants, animals and entire ecosystems where devastated. Living underground for hundreds of years saved many and allowed them to advance as a civilization, only to face the fact that this was not suppose to be a permanent solution. So they decided to take their families and dream in search of a better place to live on the surface of another world. These are what remain of a civilization that had once called the dark recesses of earth home. Now it is but just a vague reminder of an event that once changed the world.
Its a WIP (about 2 hours into it) painted in Photoshop.

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