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PhilR 10-13-2011 04:55 PM

Space Opera City Matte Painting
I am looking for a photo real matte painting of a large sci-fi city. The city should stretch to the horizon, taller buildings in middle to background. Time of day would preferably be late afternoon, early evening. This is for a teaser trailer for a space opera story. There is no pay for this, but credit will be given on the trailer.

The live action for the trailer has been shot. The painting will add greater dimension to the visuals.

I am not asking for an original (or new) piece of work, just one that you have the ability to allow for use in an independent film project. If you have an existing painting in your gallery that fits this description and would like to see it applied in a film project please contact me at the address below.

I will supply IMDB and project direction upon request.

Thank you very much!

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