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rockhoppermedia 04-17-2010 07:38 AM

Villa WIP and BTS development

This is current WIP on a photo kindly supplied by PLSultra from Mattepainting org. I have enlarged the viewing area to widescreen format. The extension area is to increase the scale of the villa and make it look more dominating. This is where the main drug dealer lives and needs a house that his bolivian dancing powder that shows his wealth and status. I was considering changing the pond into a swimming pool. I dont know how to go with this.

On the main plate I have to stick with the tones and colour management the director has supplied plus there is massive lens distortion. A common mistake for aspiring matte painters is to correct this. This is not the matte painters job, it is the job of the compositor. So leave it alone. Matte painters in the past with oils and glass have sometimes had to paint in incorrect tones and colours. If you check out the BTS on Bladerunner the matte painter had to do this for the shot to work.

Work as much as possible with the original plate. The area that I cannot touch is the atrium on the right hand side. As that is where the actors are working. Anything out of the area is fair game.

Another big tip is to look at production photographs of the shots, because you do not want to add anything that you have to duplicate in subsequent shots.

There is a maxim that you do not cross the shooting/editing line, look at the script and see if a over the shoulder shot is required, you then have to consider what your painting in because you may have to leave it out due to continuity.

Who thinks this job is easy now, thats before you have even started painting.

look forward to your comments

Alex Jenyon 04-17-2010 08:57 AM

You've got some perspective issues with the extra building you've added. The floor looks like it's sloping down towards the pond - it should share the same vanishing point as the rest of the villa, given it is perpendicular to it. The reflection in the pond would also show us some of the ceiling - you can't get away with a 'flip' like you could with a tree.

Personally, this seems something that 3D was built for - Sketchup should be more than sufficient for a nice simple bit or architecture like this.

I might have time to do a paintover if this doesn't make sense - let me know.



rockhoppermedia 04-17-2010 09:37 AM

yea your right, I have massive perspective issues all the time. I am reading a really good book by Metzger about perspective. I was so tempted to go to sketchup and do a model in there. However I need to get it sorted so I can draw on the fly. What I will do though is try and get it right on canvas and then do a sketchup comparison.

I am only blocking in the forms at the moment and that floor is bothering me somewhat. Since reading your post I am trying to find out where I am going wrong I have done a couple of sketches and I think if the EL/horizon is high the floor rakes back. Keep rereading the same chapter but its not doing it for me. BREAK.....

Just got back from a run, I always go for a run when stuck on something. I have also noticed some distortion in the original plate a little bit of keystoning. Being brave I am showing all my steps, plus however hard it gets I am enjoying it.

many thanks for the input Alex, I really value your hints tips and honest assessment of my mess. With your help this is going to be right. Plus I am not doing a camera map nor am I animating it. Baby steps first.

rockhoppermedia 04-17-2010 11:21 AM

latest work, followed Alex word to the letter the perspective was off, it was an optical illusion using a flat area of colour, once I had trimmed it and added a step it fell in to place. I have added flat areas of texture, thanks to CG textures. I have to make sure I work in a manner that allows work to be changed and approved. Also the little details can be painted in later. Any props will be added at the end. To prevent me doing a flip on the water reflection I added a small inconspicous note to stop me.

To my surprise it looks like a textured render from sketchup, which proves I am going in the right direction.

The rest of the matte with a new dormer window should prove simple. I am going to put in the shadows when I am fresh. For the shot to sell as realistic I need to take my time. I was thinking of putting in some top of the range motorbikes in the building. I am willing to take suggestions.

Loads more to come,

plusultra 04-17-2010 01:00 PM

Hey i cant wait to see the final shot

it looks great now

if you want how it looks like around this area

just google

alhambra in granada, spain maybe it can give you some real influence texturing this one. and if you wait, if i find time ill upload another small package but i dont know when i ll find time for it. maybe its enought to google for high res pictures on the keywords i told ya.

cheers juan.

i always follow your work, keep on like that!

rockhoppermedia 04-17-2010 01:16 PM

Cheers Juan,

I have never been there and would never have known it was in that region. I am going to definately google that place to bits, finding the relevant textures is always hard, now you have made it easier.

Thank you so much


rockhoppermedia 04-17-2010 02:47 PM


This is where I am at, I have blocked in as much as I can, found the tiles on google, thanks for the tip Juan.

This is blocking in all the fine art will be done tomorrow. Been on this for twelve hours today so am going to get some rest.

Look forward to your comments,

remember its a druglords villa,

rockhoppermedia 04-18-2010 12:36 PM

This is progress so far, lots of headaches with this, but must crack on, this is a screengrab at the moment I was at. Its not pretty but WIP is never good to look at.

The reflection is painted by blocking in, Alex came up this a good point about the interior of the new area reflecting. That was an exercise in lateral thing however Alex you are right and it works. I started sketching in where the ivy was. Lots of overpainting to do on this,

Helicopter and area behind, must colour correct
Reflection of bikes.
Lightwrap to do as the shadows on the original plate suggest strong rim lighting
Light bounce from the water
Architectural details
Windows and curtains
Install a satellite dish area in the mid point (it is adrug dealers house think Romancing the stone)
Some more tropical plants
Faux bell towers
possibly have a mountain in the BG
tidy up
hedge and wall
water lilies
roof tiles need breaking up
introduce aging and texture
fairy lights in the patio area, patio heater table and brolly
security lighting placed aroud the site.
wind sock on building.
finally a chandelier in the bike shed.

Lots of work to do

rockhoppermedia 04-18-2010 04:56 PM

current progress, still lots to do however its midnight I am shattered so going to put this and myself to bed,

look forward to your comments

rockhoppermedia 04-19-2010 10:27 AM

I have put together the image colour corrected and levels redone. I have also iclude the matte with hole. Most people who post here never show the hole, having looked at the invisible art again I learn more from seeing what is put in and what is left of the original plate. The hole is where the action happens anyway.

Picture grammar used by directors and editors the world over states that to set a scene a establishing shot must be used. This is where the matte comes into play on the script. It will only be seen for 2-3 seconds.

There is a lot more to do to this image which I will do slow time.

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