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warlord 02-19-2008 10:05 PM

vacation spot or crash site?
Hi all
would appreciate any ideas on this one im doing up, Im by no means a pro yet, so constructive ideas are always cool.
its a partial matte, partial concept art.
so far havent used many textures, mainly for the foreground rock. and a couple trees.
craft is going to be repainted, in a lighter color and fix some persp issues too. backgrounds still a bit dirty on the left, as i was putting smoke there, but have decided to possibly remove the smoke and crash site, and put in a small craft with single man looking at the falls. also still need to add the mist blowing out from the falls...
anyway, you get the idea.

warlord 02-21-2008 02:10 AM

a little more work on it...... some clean up/lighting changes, and started a repaint on the craft to lighten it, next im going to do all the ligthing across the craft.
changed the idea slightly to be meeting someone, hes looking for a landing spot, was thinking the headlight beam might draw the eye down to the rocks and subsequently the person/craft in the distance?
should look better once i do all the shading and bounced light on the craft i think :-)[/list]

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