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Framestorerecruit 07-04-2011 09:39 AM

VFX Editor @MPC London
The VFX Editor is the lynchpin between Show and Assistant Editorial. Usually, this role is filled by a team member, who excelled in the Assistant role and so can now take on more work and responsibility, to push their skills further, faster. A full grounding in data management and the strict naming of elements, reference and various media would be expected through learning the Assistant role; from here a further in-depth knowledge of the Shows (all, not just the one being worked on) is now required. Key tasks are as follow:

Organise cineSync session with other facilities and/or clients

Assist VFX Editors in all aspects of a show

Be the lead for any PR or Showreel work

Aiding in any pipeline/RnD issues surrounding outsource or Showreel work

Editing, conforming and managing any reels produced

Partner VFX Editors to gain knowledge about a show and how it operates to be able to stand in to support/cover

Learn the tools required to be a VFX Editor (ie. Truelight)

Master all Monthlies, and work closely with the Screening Room to ensure no hiccups

Train and guide any Editorial Assistants so they get an introduction to how shows work

Offer alternative working methods if the possibility arises that the Senior will be overworked

Meet with Production teams to discuss constantly moving requirements and have enough knowledge to suggest or rebuke ideas

To work close enough to the Seniors to be able to provide faultless cover if illness or holiday arises

The ability to converse and request support, fixes, repairs from all major support teams including Engineering, Mac Support, Systems, IT and Hub Support

Assist in managing the show workload given to the Assistants; if it is too much taking on some of this work will be expected to fulfill show requirements

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