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MattePaint 03-08-2016 05:16 PM - HDR and Hi-res resources coming soon.
Hey all!

CG Textures has been a holy grail for 3D artists for years but what about the 2D guys!? is closing in on our launch date. We currently have 50,000 images uploaded to our database and are on track for 100,000 soon after launch.
The images are copyright free* (basically you just can't resell them), HDR, Panorama, and enormous in resolution (up to 65,000 pixels wide). We are storing the images as RAW files and as multi-exposure jpg's at varying resolutions so you can pick exactly what you need for your shot.

We'll be providing a launch discount so we're reaching out so all those interested can sign up to the mailing list.

Lastly, we are not trying to be another art centre / community, we have enough of those already.
Our aim is to provide you the best reference imagery as quick as possible so you can get back to work. We want to be as out of the way as possible!

Cheers to all!

The Matte Paint Team

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