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Ricardo Garces
10-17-2012, 08:15 AM
Hi guys! Yesterday GoPro released the new Hero 3 camera.

Apart from the "usual" stuff, this new camera in the "Black Edition" has a 4K at 12 FPS video recording. Can anyone comment on this?

From what I can figure out, 12 FPS will be to slow for filming for instance a car driving by, so what can be done at 12 FPS?

Also they now have a firmware update from ProTune which brings 12MP quality to 1080p video recording. Is this good enough quality for filming plates for mattepaintings?

Looking forward for your expert replies. Thanks guys!

10-17-2012, 04:47 PM
Without having looked carefully at the spec of the Hero3, i'll try and answer some of your questions:
It really depends what you want to use the plates for. Most matte paintings tend to be finished at 2x final output resolution, but plenty of movies are finished at 1080p. When we did Captain America all the shots were comped at 1920 x 1080 (and then hardmasked to 2.35), so even big budget movies can work with that resolution. However, if you want to work on your matte paintings larger than the final output (which typically you will to avoid the final painting being too soft, particularly if you are doing any projections too) then 1080 might be too small. Although of course if you shoot for example a waterfall element using the full frame of the camera but are just keeping it in the distance in your shot then that would probably work just fine...
The 4k 12fps thing sounds a but gimmicky to me. Possibly useful for sports as a fast burst speed with decent resolution, but you really want to shoot 24fps if you are emulating film. For a stylised time lapse kind of look though you may be fine. Id rather get a good DSLR stills camera and shoot RAW than use 12fps 4k on a video camera for collecting matte painting refs personally.
The quality of the footage really is down to having good dynamic range, limited noise in the video and a good handling of colour and compression. There are other very good cameras that will shoot nkce video plates for your matte painting so choose carefully! :)

Ricardo Garces
10-17-2012, 07:25 PM
Hi Nick, thank you for your feedback.

I made a better search and came up with the idea that the 4K mode will only be useful if you want a 8 MegaPixel still of something moving fast. Indeed interesting for sports where you need your camera to be in the action while performing good in capturing the precise moment when the athlete reaches perfection :)

The new Hero 3 also films 2.7K at 30 FPS or 24 FPS, which is more interesting.

For what I usually do, all footage or mattes I need will end up at 1080p. The pricing on the camera is very attractive for it's size and overal footage quality.

I do not work on main feature films.

I am guessing that filming at 2.7K then resizing to 1080p, with a sharp filter will probably get quite interesting footage quality.

I think I will buy one, and try it. This will happen only in mid november so, when I have news I will post them here.

10-18-2012, 02:56 AM
I agree, 2.7k at 24fps is a more exciting prospect. Providing the sensor has a good range you could capture some great dmp plates with that. Although, does the GoPro have interchangeable lenses? From what I am aware it is a fixed lens camera, although I guess with those specs its a matter of time before someone hacks it to take different lenses...
I haven't seen a camera yet that has won me over enough to make a purchase, but between this, the Canon EOS and Cine cams, the Black Magic Cam and the Panasonic GH series (as well as the interesting things being done by RED and Sony), it seems like its a matter of time before a camera hits the market that has all the features that would convince me to upgrade from my 550D...
If you do buy the Hero3, I would love to see some of your test shots and get your reaction on how good it is for shooting vfx plates!