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08-27-2012, 07:19 PM
Awesome challenge, painting clouds is very therapeutic.

I have been refining my paint study in order to get a solid foundation or color and value. This is what I have so far.


Good luck to everyone, and great work so far.

09-07-2012, 05:04 PM
Time to update my progress. I have submitted my final, but I would like to post some of the steps i took to get the the final painting.

Living in Central Florida during the summer rainy season makes my bike commute less reliable, but it does offer some of the best clouds. It rains almost every day, and clears up around 4-5 PM. Just in time for the sun to create the perfect rim light on the storm clouds. Here are a few of the images I was able to collect. I used a Canon T3i to take the shots, with a 300 mm lens. That way I could get the most detail.


But this project required some unique cloud shapes, as well as specfic lighting that is hard to find reference for. So I used Maya's fluids to regenerate some specfic looking clouds. Here are a few tests.


From there, I placed all of the images I had gathered from online, photos I took, and renders from Maya. I placed them in the best place to start, then began editing from there.


After I color corrected all of the images, then I filled in the gaps using various painting techniques.

Here is the final image.


This was a great challenge, and I learned a ton. Any CCs are welcome.

Thanks for looking.