View Full Version : no budget short - "Locked In"

nick f
06-25-2005, 01:37 AM
Hi all,

I am working on a self funded short film, about a couple trying to survive after an apocalypse. Basically, I'll post the info below as a starting point, and perhaps as I've never directed for VFX before you good people can provide some insights. The shots I am looking to construct are completely static exteriors which are the only exteriors in the film. They need to very quickly establish the state of the world outside, to quickly place the audience in terms of the struggle that is occuring in the narrative. The premise of the film is that the couple (who are the only cast), cannot go outside and wander freely as the city has descended into disorder, and to be in the open makes you a target. I'm not wanting smoking cars or anything like that, as the film is set a bit after the real conflict and turmoil. The kind of apocalypse I have been working with is more a slow decaying one, rather than the big one off event. So the world we are creating is actually a very quite and still place, for which I am using my home town Melbourne (australia).

There will be roughly a dozen shots required, half of which are the intro sequence, and half of which are inserted in the rest of the story. I am wanting to do things like knock out the edges of buildings and composit in some abandoned vehicles. There will be no animation required, as the point of the shots is to show a really dead city. A shell I guess. Thinking about it, I really loved that big shot in the Pianist where Krakow is completely flattened. I know I can't replicate that kind of thing given my financial constraints, but I guess its a good indicator. I was also wondering about taking sections of real disaster scene stills to composit into these mattes. Would that help achieve the consistancy required? I am really anxious that the finished shots look completely photo real (stating the obvious again ) but in the context of the kind of heavy and dark, emotional drama that is occuring inside the refuge, there is a real possibility of disjuncture between the interiors and exteriors.

Oh yeah, one not so little thing... this is a self funded production, so I don't really have money but as I have no idea what these things cost, perhaps you can let me know a reasonable figure per piece, so I can start to work something out. I don't intend to offend on the financial front, its just that this film has been made stage by stage in terms of finance and post production, all from my own pocket. Its also pretty much the slowest thing I have ever done. On the tech side, film is a super 16 work, but I am wondering about using digiSLR 8mpixel for plates for vfx. Finish will probably be Digibeta at this stage.

I hope this all makes sense and I greatly appreciate any advice or assistance you can offer. Many thanks, Nick