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05-06-2009, 02:47 AM
Hi All

This is my first post here for a long time, busy doing other type of work.
So, here is my latest project. Mountain Pass Checkpoint is partly inspired by an old movie by Michael Winner called 'Hannibal Brookes'. By games like Crysis. And finally a road in Bolivia infamously called 'The Road of Death'
Conceptually it depicts people trying to get through the mountain checkpoint. This I feel would make a great game level for a first person shooter, adding tension of high walled cliffs one side and vertical drop to the death the other side, not to mention the tooled up guards with their roaming spotlights. and not many places to hide or take cover.

Hope you like so far, comments critique and suggestions are welcome with this work in progress.
Everything is carefully sourced from my photographic archive, apart from the distant mountains to which I credit 'cgtextures.com' for the free download, thank you to them.

Many thanks

Initial Sketch and Colour Roughout

HiRes Composite Work in Progress

Close up Detail

Further Concept Detailing