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04-23-2009, 03:19 PM
Hi all--

Next week you need to turn in a DVD of all of your projects to me. I also want you to post a "show reel" of all of your class work on mattepainting.org by midnight Wednesday, so all of the people who have followed you progress can look at the results. I would love for any of you who have been following this class to post your comments also--I am sure all of the students are tired of hearing me opine, and would love another view.
Remember that I need copies of everything you did in the class. Make your final DVD a data DVD, with your final project showing all of your assignments rendered to both animation and Sorenson 3 codec. Also include all of the raw files for your class projects--all the After Effects, Photoshop, and reference files that were used in creating the assignments.
You must also go back and multiplane your "Castle on a Hill" project. This is also good preparation for the class final.

The order of your final movie must be this:

1. Show your name at the beginning, followed by a second or two of black. Feel free to be creative about how you present your name.
2. Show your copies of photos from the first week, cross dissolving between the original photo, and your copy. Show a couple of seconds of each version. Don’t drag this out--it isn’t that interesting. Follow with a second or 2 of black.
3. Show your “Castle on a Hill” project, showing the raw plate for a couple of seconds, the dissolving to your castle. Remember you must break this project up into layers and multiplane it. Follow with a second or 2 or black.
4. Show your “Day to Night” project, cross dissolving from the daytime scene to the night scene, followed by a second or two of black. Feel free to touch this up if you were unhappy with your final project.
5. Show your “Summer to Winter” project, cross dissolving from the summer scene to the winter scene, followed by a second or two of black. Feel free to touch this up if you were unhappy with your final project.
6. Show the raw footage for “City of the Future”, then show your enhanced version, followed by a second or two of black. Again, feel free to work on this if you were unhappy with your final.
7. Show your “Relighting” project, cross dissolving from one lighting direction to another, followed by a second or two of black. Most of you were missing cast shadows, so this would be a good time to add those in if you like.
8. Show your “3 Plane Multiplane” project, then swing the camera off axis (if you did it in After Effects 3D) so the viewer can see how the planes were set up.

This reel is to clearly show off your matte painting skills, so don’t use fancy transitions! Don’t fly in your pieces, or spin them in--just show them as the fine matte paintings they are. This is not a hip hop video, so no fancy stuff.
Feel free to add music to enhance the mood of your masterpieces. Please do not use “Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve Got Love In My Tummy”, by the Archies. Use of that song will result in an “F” for the semester.

Notes about the format of your final movie:
Don’t make this playable on a standard DVD player--make this a data DVD. You can use either the D1 NTSC format (720x480), or in HDTV format (1920x1080). Burn a final DVD of this final movie you create, and of all of your projects for School of Visual Arts, including all of your support files. Render out your projects in both Animation codec and Sorenson 3!!! The animation codec is for your final records (in case you want to use some of the work you did in class in another project), and the Sorenson 3 version is for me to look at in class for your final grade.

I will post your almost final grade on the web site after I look at your final show reel for the semester. However, that grade may be subject to revision after I look at all of your high rez versions while you are taking the final exam, and also subject to how you do on that final exam. Remember that depending on how you do, your grade will either go up 1/2 point, stay the same, or go down 1/2 point. So it you have a B+ at the start of the exam, you can go up to an A-, and if you have a B- at the start of the exam, you can go down to a C+. I would highly recommend that everyone be on time on Thursday. I will hand out the materials for the exam at 9:01, and explain what is required. If you are not there at that time, you will have to figure it out on your own.

I also give a modest "prize" to the student I thought was the most outstanding during the semester, and I will give that out at the end of class. Good luck!

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I just wanted to thank David, for all the contributions ...

04-26-2009, 11:57 PM
thk David, for the advantage to everybody
I not excellent many language

04-27-2009, 04:15 AM
David, I am not a matte painter. I hope you continue to have your students post their assignments. Following this class has been an eye opener for me. great work, all of you. I hope you all realize just how lucky you are to be able to take this class. Good luck in the future.

04-27-2009, 09:05 PM
Agreed. This is kind of unique seeing a class progress like this. I've been considering grad school and being able to observe this has been real food for thought. Thanks to David and all the students.

Jim McKenzie
04-28-2009, 10:56 AM

I used alot of our work in my regular demo reel, check it out...
regulal demo reel

Jim McKenzie
04-28-2009, 01:40 PM

Not sure if the first one i posted came through, so I am reposting it.

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It's been a WILD RIDE friends of friends!! See you all for the in class final.

Here is a direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEJVzqGXPqc

Youtube absolutely destroyed the colors in my demo reel. I don't know what to say hah, half the scenes are near black...

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Hi all--

This is a chart of all of your grades for the assignments, along with an additional grade for your in class tests, your class participation, your movie report, and your final DVD. The grading breaks out like this A = 4, A- = 3.7, B+ = 3.3, B = 3, B- = 2.7, C+ = 2.3, C = 2, C- = 1.7, D = 1, F = 0. I didn't give any D+ or D- during the semester, so that is a moot point. Your class test grade was an average of all your class tests. Class participation was whether you spoke up in class, and e-mailed me with interesting question. With the classic movie report, as long as you gave the report, you got an A. Danica was the only person who ended up not giving a report, so she got an F for that one. I add all of the numbers together representing the letter grades, and divide that by 16. Why 16? I want to give "A"s to the the top performers in the class, and no one got an A on every class, so I divided your total score by a number that was reasonable.


There may be some slight modification of your grade when I look at your final DVDs in class. UTube is certainly not the best way to look at this material, and it something jumps out at me when I review all of your work again in good quality, I may bump you up or down a bit, but this is basically your grade.

Also, the final exam involves you doing a multiplaned matte shot in 2.5 hours, and that will be graded with either a plus, making your grade go up .3, and "neutral", making your grade remain the same, or a minus, lowering your grade by .3. This final exam is designed to make your think on your feet, work fast, and show off everything you have learned during the semester. Be there right at 9:00.

Dan Bradham--You are proof that if you do consistent work in my class, you will end up with an A. You had some wonderful projects--your "Summer to Winter" was very strong, your "Castle on a Hill" project one of the best in the class, and you never totally bombed out on a project, even on the pieces you didn't do astounding work on. I'd hire you--you know how to follow directions, and get the job done.
Grade: A-

Kate Conrad--I don't know what happened to you at the semester end. You are clearly the best painter in the class, but your final project just fell apart. I appreciate that your corrected the "Giant Woman" problem in your final reel, but now your "City of the Future" looks much worse that what you initially turned in. You re-rendered it, and you like this better than what you turned in?
In any case, you are a wonderfully talented artist, and your work early in the semester was good enough to keep your "A".
Grade: A

Brandon Lori--You are the kind of student a teacher dreams of having in the classroom every semester--talented, full of questions, always looking for a new angle on things. Even though you didn't always do what was called for, you always turned in something interesting and extremely well crafted. One word of advice--become a director, or be your own boss. You are so inner directed that I don't think being a cog in someone else'z machine will work You are getting an F for the final grade because you failed to post your final reel.
Grade: A

Andrea Lowery--Thanks for all of the additional work you did on your final demo reel for the class--you made many improvements on your projects, and I especially like the castle multiplane, and the new Day to Night shot..You were a joy to have in the classroom because I think you may have learned more than any other student. Your initial painting skill were not great, but by the end of the class you were clearly flourishing.
Grade: B-

Jim McKenzie--Your work was very consistent during the semester, ranging from good to spectacular. Your "City of the Future" was the nicest one of the semester, and showed a lot of "out of the box" thinking.
By the way, scoring your reel with Ennio Morricone's theme from "Once Upon a Time in the West" (I had to go back and check--I thought it was from "Duck You Sucker") solidified your grade. I am a HUGE Morricone fan.
I'm proud of your achievement in this class.
Grade: A

Danica Parry--You are an "A" student who is ending up with a "C-" in this class because you didn't do the work. I kept waiting for the moment when you would live up to your potential, but you just never did. You did some nice work in the class, but that string of 3 F's and a D make it impossible for me to give you anything higher than a C. I look at this as a lost opportunity to get some great work out of you.
You are getting an F for the final grade because you failed to post your final reel.
Grade: C-

Dan Pochtrager--I think you really learned something in this class, even though your work was very consistently "C" quality. Your sense of perspective, which was non-existant at the beginning of the semester, got better. You should take another perspective drawing class to solidify the gains you made. You are getting an F for the final grade because you failed to post your final reel.
Grade: C-

Max Thomas--For a guy who claimed to have no painting skills, you done good! I think your "Summer to Winter" project is one of the best ever done for this class, I also appreciate your help with the camera for our "City of the Future" shoot, and the fact that you were the only student to take the initiative to track his city using Syntheyes. You painting skills improved by leaps and bounds during the semester--your photo copies are terrible, but by the end you are starting to get the hang of photoshop.
Grade: B-

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For anyone who has experienced the dreaded After Effects, "Buffer Window," I feel your pain. Sue to RAM issues, I was a victim tonight of an insufficient amount of memory trying to calculate an image that was too processor intensive to render. Alot of scrambling, and restarting later I finally got my Showreel rendered, though at an "unfinished" quality which will be improved by tomorrows class.

Aside from that, thanks for the kind words David. You opened my eyes to a knack I've had for breaking the rules since I was a little kid in Art class. I was never much for following anyone elses direction, but was never reprimanded for a lack of enthusiasm. I try to find a middle ground in most cases, as in order to break any rule, you should first know it and understand the methodology. It took me a few assignments to come into my own in your class, as I think I was warming my way into the process, but in the end, I've ended up with some pieces that I enjoy, a better understanding of the Matte Painting craft, and more knowledge I had than what I came in with, After all, it's all about knowledge.

And although I was hoping to go out with a bang, this Reel feels more like a sizzle. But, hopefully, some of the projects I did during the semester will stabilize my grade in the meantime.

PS- Video is not yet done "processing," so it's best I provide the link, instead of broken code:


PPS- A quick note on the AE image buffer, in case any others have faced the same problem before: http://generalspecialist.com/2006/11/avoiding-after-effects-error-could-not.asp