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Hi all--
Your final project for this semester is due on Wednesday at 12 midnight. I want to remind you of the requirements for your multiplaning matte painting. Your final must include:
1. At least 3 layers that multiplane against each other. The sky, which you will probably want to add a subtle move to, does not count as a layer. You can have more layers than 3, but not less
2. One element must be animated in the composition. Whether your matte shot is great, or terrible, it will look better if there is something moving in it.
3. You can also add video to the scene, like a waterfall, a river, of smoke. I would prefer that you not use video of clouds, since they are so easy to do by animating painted clouds broken up into layers.
4. Your final must include at least one greenscreen figure. Please do not leave this for the last moment--if you have never keyed a figure before, do it sooner rather than later so you can contact me if you are having a problem.

When you post on Wednesday, include a larger .jpg of your final painting, and render out a movie of your final shot. This time I really will fail anyone who does not post a final movie.

A couple of specific notes:

1. Danica Parry--you need to concentrate on making this last project great in order to raise your grade. Several "F"s during the course of the semester has made this final very important to your passing the course. Your work last week was admirable, so please make sure to give your final some extra time.

2. Max Thomas--I cut you some slack because you were finishing your thesis, but this week I expect you to devote the hours you shorted me the last 2 weeks. Your basic city layout is good, but you need to spend the time necessary to texture and paint a realistic cit.

3. Brandon Lori--You chose to proceed with the more advanced camera mapping painting, and your work is looking very good, but you must have a rendered out final on Wednesday. Also, get your concept sketch mapped on to the geometry right away--the problems you were talking about with the elongated geometry may lead to some terrible stretching where you have projected the textures. Your concept sketch should show where those problems will occur, and allow you to adjust the geometry now if necessary, or add a texture patch.

I e-mailed you all a lightwrap tutorial, and a test file that demonstrated a camera setup on the multiplane shot I hadn't used before, thanks to Kate Conrad. If any of you did not get the e-mail, let me know, and I'll find some other way to get the files to you.

See you all on Thursday! I am looking forward to some spectacular final projects.

David Mattingly

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(If the video stutters, it's just YouTube HD, not the video itself... watch the regular version for smooth playback here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xrptk-th3MY)

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i just want to get this up before midnight but i keep having trouble with exporting and youtube HD.


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and heres the picture to go along with it


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Hi everyone,

Last week, i set out to project my matte painting in Maya, but unfortunately, was met with some projection difficulties where my broken up matte painting/image was not fully "wrapping" around my 3D geometry. In truth, had we been given a few more days to execute this project, I would have been more than happy to troubleshoot the issue, but to explore unforeseen variables in the midst of a Final deadline is not something I bargained for, nor was something I was prepared to do. Nonetheless, I used the same approach as the class for this project, and multi-planed my shot in AE. Overall, In the process of failing, I believe I gained a good amount of knowledge in the subject matter, and thus, won more than I had gotten if it worked without a hitch.

Regardless, I'm continuing to work on this issue during the course of the week, as I've chosen to use this matte shot as a "set" for a 3D final I also have to do. In that version, yet to be completed, I'll have a unicorn model that I created fly through Mt. Olympus, and toward the camera. On that note, if I'm able to successfully get the projection down, I'll repost. if not, enjoy!

Great class overall, and I enjoyed watching the brave, the few, and the proud, stick it out until the end!

PS- this video, for some reason, is not posting. I'm not sure if it's entirely finished "processing" on YouTube, but nonetheless, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz_AbTLnZ7I



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Hi all--
This week, the elements I am looking for are:
1. At least 3 layers that multiplane against each other.
2. One element must be animated in the composition.
3. At least one greenscreen figure.
You had 3 weeks to work on this, so I am looking for something really wonderful to reflect you hard work.

So here are this weeks grades:

Dan Bradham--Are there greenscreen figures in this? I looked at it several times, and I can't see any. I am not seeing any animation in the water, which would help your whirlpool a lot. You also have a problem with inconstant lighting--your buildings on the right are lit from the left, your buildings on the left are lit from the right, and your hill on the right also seems to be lit from the right. Getting the light direction consistant would help this a lot. It does have a nice depth to it, and you did paint your clouds, but without the greenscreen or the animation I can't grade this very high.
Grade: B-

Kate Conrad--I posted all 3 of your paintings, from week 1 to 3, and I have to tell you, I still like your original concept sketch better than the 2 subsequent weeks.


In week one you had lots of interesting architectural detail, and for this final week you just wiped it all out and put in a brick wall. I frankly have to say I am disappointed in this for a student as talented as you. I fall prey to this also, where the tighter I get, the worse the piece gets, so at the end of the day I force myself to look back at where the piece was when I started the day, and if it has gotten worse I try to figure out what went wrong. You started out with the strongest concept of the entire class, but you end with a finished piece that is not nearly as good.
I know this was you first experience adding in a green screen figure, but as you did it here it looks like a 50 foot woman has entered the scene to eat your little village. This would look a lot better if she was shrunk down, and added to a little walkway or something.
Also, we talked about the fulcrum multiplane, and you proved that it is possible, but the way you used it here just doesn't work. This would have worked much better if you had used a regular scaled multiplane like I showed the class when I assigned the multiplane project, or set it up in 3D. One of the reasons the woman looks way too big is that you don't get the feeling that the center pillar is in the foreground. Since it doesn't multiplane much, when the woman steps into the scene, it looks like she is as large as the buildings on the left.
Even though you did get your greenscreen figure in, animate your space ship, and add the smoke plume, this is far from what I had expected from you.
Grade: C+

Brandon Lori--I give you credit for trying camera mapping, even if you didn't pull it off for this final. Your AE multiplane final looks terrific, and I can't wait to see the unicorn flying in! (Watch out, Decker!) The lens flare in the sky is coming out of a point in the sky that is cloudy, which is unconvincing. If you want the sun to break through the clouds, you should move the clouds to motivate the lens flare. Please do post the camera mapped version if you get it done.
Grade: A

Andrea Lowery--I think yours may be the nicest story shot, with the glowing butterfly, and the nature girl turning around to watch the comet. You also fixed the color so it looks much more like a night shot. Of everyone in the class, your shot may have come the furthest. Very well done.
Grade: A

Jim McKenzie--I laughed out loud when I watched this--you are a wild and crazy guy! What is the story with the sheep with the dunce hat on his rear end? In any case, I think you out Burtoned Tim Burton here, fixed the lighting, and put in some delightful dancing figures.
Grade: A

Danica Parry--I bet I know who waited for the last moment to add their greenscreen figure! You should have tackled this earlier in the week so that you could anticipate problems. The guy in the umbrella, apart from popping on, just looks like an afterthought. Also, you didn't animate anything in the scene as was required, and it doesn't look to me like you did any additional work on making the trees more realistic.
Grade: C-

Dan Pochtrager-- I'm sorry that you lost your ticket booth! That balanced out the composition nicely. Also, your wagons seem to be multiplaning against the grass, which I am sure was not your intent. Your figure is nicely keyed (although a shadow would have helped him to sit into the scene.)
Grade: C

Max Thomas--You did it! For a guy with no painting skills when this class started, this is a nice project. Your figure is nicely keyed, you animated the blimp, and you got your buildings looking pretty good. With some cast shadows, and some attention to creating more complex structures, this could be taken to another level, but this is a very good piece.
Grade: A-

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Bringing SVA matte painting threads together for reference